STOE Theta/Theta diffractometer

Measurements in Bragg/Brentano geometry

The STOE Theta/theta diffractometer is an instrument of outstanding versatility. It combines the advantages of the Theta/theta arrangement of X-ray tube and counter with a flexible choice of beam geometry, sample holders and other attachments. X-ray tube and counter circles are driven independently, while the sample is always kept in a horizontal position. The STOE Theta/theta diffractometer provides excellent Bragg-Brentano diffraction data of high resolution.

Stadi PHigh- and low-temperature chambers and a humidity chamber are adaptable, preferably to be used with the STOE Linear Position Sensitive Detector. Measurements at low angles and thin film attachment for parallel-beam geometry allow the study of thin films and multilayers.


- 2Θ range from -10° to 168°
- Measuring circle of 270 mm radius
- Tube translation for optimal primary beam intensity
- All possible scan modes: (Θ/2Θ, ω, 2Θ, 2Θ: Θ variable)
- Adjusting kit for optimal alignment
- Sample maintaines in horizontal position
- Highest reproducibility
- Precision slit system, Soller slits
- All optional devices are easily adaptable
- FWHM down to Δ 2Θ=0.025°
- primary and secondary multilayer optics