STOE Stadi P

Rapid, comprehensive and extreme versatile analysis of a wide variety of materials

The modular system offers the possibility to attach two independent goniometers, whether in Transmission/Debye-Scherrer and/or Bragg-Brentano geometry, horizontally or vertically to a conveniently arranged X-ray tube housing. Furthermore, a stage or a small angle unit can be mounted alternatively.

Stadi PBy combining a focused Kα1 incident beam from a Germanium monochromator with the Transmission/Debye-Scherrer goniometer and the linear position sensitive detector or the curved imaging plate detector, the STOE STADI P provides data of excellent angular resolution and reliable intensities from transmission and capillary measurements suitable e.g. for Rietveld refinements.

The STADI P is delivered within an interlock secured radiation protection hood with a cabinet for generator, counting electronics and temperature controllers and a state-of-the-art PC system with the control and evaluation software WinXPOW. Various non-ambient attachments can be adapted to each goniometer type or stage. Thus, the STADI P fits in an optimal way the requirements of industry and research institutes.


- Transmission/Debye-Scherrer or Bragg-Brentano mode
- High resolution yielding well-defined peak profiles
- Extensive software package WinXPOW
- Scintillation counter, position sensitive and imaging plate detectors
- Ge(111) monochromator for Fe, Co, Cu or Mo radiation yielding pure Kα1 radiation
- Analysis of air- and moisture-sensitive samples as well as microsamples
- Various high- and low-temperature systems and sample changers