Software for powder diffraction systems

The STOE Powder Diffraction Software Package WinXPOW is a state-of-the-art 32-bit Windows application

WinXPOW- Extremely user-friendly, easy to use, yet very flexible and powerful
- Two diffractometers can be operated simultaneously from one computer
- Results can easily be incorporated into standard Windows applications
- Liberal licence policy, free software update for 3 years
- Complete package for data collection and evaluation


- Instrument Configuration
- Diffractometer Control / Data Collection / PSD Calibration
- Graphics incl. Peak Search, Smoothing, Background Subtraction
- 3D Graphics
- Raw data handling with Import/Export of data in various formats
- Profile Fitting
- Indexing and Lattice Constants Refinement
- Theoretical Pattern Generation
- Size/Strain Analysis
- Crystallinity Analysis
- Retained Austenite Analysis
- Optional CFR21 part 11 compliant version

Optional programs

- ICDD Database and Search/Match
- Combinatorial and High Throughput analysis
- Quantitative analysis
- Rietveld refinement
- Reflectivity evaluation