The small linear PSD manufactured by STOE covers a range of 5 to 11° in 2Θ depending on the distance between sample and detector and can be used on all STOE powder diffractometers. It provides diagrams of excellent angular resolution, high statistical accuracy and symmetrical line profiles. The STOE IP-PSD is an on-line system with a read out time of about 15 sec for a full range of 140°. The Imaging Plate technology allows short exposure times to give excellent counting statistics even for weak reflections. The combination of the IP-PSD with STOE´s stages, sample changer or various low temperature systems is an explicit idea of its use.

The new DECTRIS MYTHEN 1K strip detector has been implemented to the STOE powder diffraction systems. It features a range of 6 to 25° in 2Θ depending on the distance between sample and detector. With its high dynamic range of > 2x105 it is superior to classical X-ray detectors.


Scintillation counters are available for most of the STOE powder diffractometers.

Sample holders

Various sample holders are available for the STOE Stadi P series.

STOE sampleholders- goniometer heads for capillaries
- for Debye-Scherrer or Gandolfi mode
- sample holders and sample changers for
  Transmission and Bragg-Brentano geometry
- a 10fold capillary changer
- the X/Y stage for well plates in transmission
- multi purpose sample stage


High- and low-temperature attachments

STOE furnaces

With its family of capillary furnaces STOE provides one of the most precise and temperature stable high temperature attachments for the STADI P series and for synchrotron facilities.

Temperature ranges are from:

- 0.65.1 room temperature to 950°C
- 0.65.3 room temperature to 1500°C
- 0.65.LT from - 50°C to 950°C


- Continuous sample spinning leading to effective particle randomization
- Well-defined sample position yielding reasonable lattice constants
- Fully integrated PC-based data collection
- Quick exchange against other sample stages and easy alignment
- Supporting all capillary diameters between 0.2 and 1 mm
- Easily adaptable for transmission samples
- Excellent diagrams obtainable from very small sample amounts


O.E.M. attachments like the Oxford Cryosystems coolers can easily be mounted on the STOE STADI P.

Nearly all chambers for different non-ambient methods which are on the market can be mounted on the STOE Theta/theta or Bragg-Brentano diffractometers.