STOE IPDS 2T Dual Beam

Three circles - two sources

IPDS 2T Dual BeamSTOE's IPDS 2T Dual Beam combines the advantages of using two different wavelengths on the same instrument. Equipped with a sealed tube and a micro focus beam delivery system (BDS) it enables the structure solution of small molecules and proteins as well as electron density investigations. The possibility to turn the whole goniometer around the 2Θ axis allows the exploration of reciprocal space up to high 2Θ angles. These features make the IPDS 2T Dual Beam a most versatile diffractometer.


- Two sources: one sealed tube, one micro focus BDS - 340 mm imaging plate
- Dynamic range > 1:105
- Two-circle goniometer, ω from 0 - 180°, φ unlimited
- 3 positions: 0°, 15°, 30° 2Θ
- 2Θ max. = 107° / 137°
- Structure solutions for small molecules as well as for proteins
- Electron density calculations
- Investigations of powder samples
- High- and low-temperature attachments