Capillary Furnaces

STOE furnaces

With its family of capillary furnaces STOE provides one of the most precise and temperature stable high temperature attachments for the STADI P series and for synchrotron facilities.

Temperature ranges are from:

- 0.65.1 room temperature to 950°C
- 0.65.3 room temperature to 1500°C
- 0.65.LT from - 50°C to 950°C


- Continuous sample spinning leading to effective particle randomization
- Well-defined sample position yielding reasonable lattice constants
- Fully integrated PC-based data collection
- Quick exchange against other sample stages and easy alignment
- Supporting all capillary diameters between 0.2 and 1 mm
- Easily adaptable for transmission samples
- Excellent diagrams obtainable from very small sample amounts