Customer Testimonials

23 January 2013

Joseph H. Reibenspies, Ph.D, Department of Chemistry, Texas A & M University.

"Liz Carter is a valuable resource to the scientific community. She has been aiding my research for over 15 years. Her service to her customers and friends has been exemplary. Not only does she assist her colleagues with their crystallographic needs but she is the only person I trust to maintain and service my Oxford Cryosystem instrumentation. Her self-less duty to the crystallographic community has benefited and enhanced the research undertaken at Texas A & M. University. Let me state that Liz is a dedicated, resourceful scientist and colleague. Her abilities to resolve situations and to initiate new programs are outstanding. Liz’s communication skills are exceptional and her ability to handle difficult situations is truly remarkable. I highly recommend that you considered Liz and her company when you pursue your goals of excellence in research and education."

30 November 2012

Peter Mueller, Ph.D, Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"I really don't know anyone more knowledgeable about the Cryostream than Liz Carter.  Liz used to represent Oxford Cryosystems in the United States and is now the President of Mosaic Distribution.  They sell all the parts and, of course, she still has her knowledge.  I don't think anyone will be able to help you as quickly and competently as she."

27 November 2012

Ilia A. Guzei, Ph.D, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

"I have known Liz as an expert in the field of Oxford Cryosystems for a number of years.  She is an exceptionally knowledgeable specialist and is the first person I contact when a low-temperature device of ours stops working properly.  Liz responds vie e-mail very quickly and ALWAYS knows the correct solution to our issues, even when at first the cause of the problem seems rather unlikely.  I have learned not to doubt Liz's assessment.  Liz is a delight to interact with and her customer support is outstanding."
27 November 2012

Tony Hu, Ph.D, Department of Chemistry, New York University.

"I am an X-ray Crystallographer at the Department of Chemistry of New York University (NYU). I write this testimonial to share my opinion about the Oxford Cryosystems Cooler and the service from Liz Carter at Mosaic Distribution LLC.


I started to use Oxford Cryosystems Cooler in 2000 in Aachen Germany, and later expanded my experience in the labs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2006-2008) and at NYU (2008-present). The crystallographic work, which I am carrying on, relies on the precise and reliable temperature control in a daily-use basis. The Oxford Cryosystems Cooler meets all of my requirements in all aspects. Besides the great performance on the temperature control, it also covers a large temperature range (90-500 K), which is very useful for my research on the temperature-dependent measurements. Its rational design avoids the occurrence of the icing. I have never seen any icing in the data I have collected. Also, the instrument is easy to operate and maintain. The latest service to the device at NYU was in 2011 after its continuous operation for three years. As far as I am concerned, it is the most reliable instrument that I have used.


In terms of their service, I've also had a very pleasant experience. Whenever I needed help, I would contact Liz Carter at the Oxford Cryosystems Service LLC (now Mosaic Distribution LLC). She is doing an amazing job and her service is superior. I always got quick feedbacks with all the information I needed for the trouble-shooting. In addition, I am happy to know that the company is now carrying more great products including the instruments from Stoe, which produces a Powder Diffractometer with the highest resolution that I have known and used so far.


Finally, I would like to say: Liz, keep on doing the great job! We are counting on you, and thank you very much."

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